Carlo Verdone confesses to the radio program “I Lunatici” and declares himself ready to make a foray into the small screen with a television series.

The famous Roman actor spoke on the microphones of Rai Radio2 during the broadcast “I Lunatici”, presented by Roberto Arduini and Andrea Di Ciancio. On this occasion Verdone spoke about his next projects and in particular about the new film he is working on: “I have written five subjects, we must also agree with the producer. We try to reach an agreement, I also understand that. The time for Italian cinema is so difficult that you have to be very careful, the results of this opening of season for Italian cinema have been terrible. If you have to make a mistake, you have to do it with the awareness of having put all your soul, all your heart into it”.

Carlo Verdone also comments on the change that is taking place in Italian cinema, observing that “the fruition of the product is changing” and stating that “with the times that are going on you have to get involved with a television series”.

The popular Roman actor, who had just made his last film ‘Benedetta follia’ a success, declared himself ready to get involved with the realization of this new project, adding himself to the numerous film directors who had recently made a foray into the small screen. From Paolo Sorrentino with ‘The Young Pope’ to David Lynch with ‘Twin Peaks’, and Martin Scorsese with ‘Boardwalk Empire‘.