The Calabria Film Commission has launched a call for 1,350,000 euros to support national/foreign cinematographic and audiovisual works filmed in the Calabria Region.

The contribution aims to enhance the cultural identity, local tourism and artistic heritage of the region.

As stated in the announcement, resources will be disbursed according to the following criteria:

  • 1,250,000 euros destined for films/full-length films (including first and second works) and television fictions;
  • 100,000 euros intended for short films.

To submit an application you must:

  • be film and/or audiovisual production companies, also in co-production;
  • be in order with the social security, tax and insurance obligations;
  • be in order with the anti-mafia regulations.

The deadline for the applications submission expires on the thirtieth day after the publication of the related notice on the Calabria Film Commission website.