During ‘Giornate professionali di cinema’ of Sorrento, the Calabria Film Commission presented the new cinema law with a budget of 10 million euros, and announced the winners of the third step of the call.

Calabria Film Commission has presented a new law for audiovisual to promote the production of Italian and international audiovisual works on the territory. The law’s objectives include the support of the birth and development of a district of the local film and audiovisual industry, also facilitating the development of professionalism in the sector.  There’s also the support to exhibitors to develop a network of widespread, competitive and quality film theaters.

Winners of the third step of the call: four feature films, six short films and one documentary.
The four features that will be supported are: Una femmina by Francesco Costabile produced by O Groove; L’incontro by Salvatore Romano and produced by Marvaso Production Films srl; Rocco by Federico Cruciani and produced by Eurofilm srl; Generazione Neet by Andrea Biglione and produced by Cydia srl (Luca Biglione).
For the short films: Grido di libertà- La straordinaria spedizione in Calabria dei fratelli Bandiera by Angelo Antonucci produced by the DAC association; Del padre e del figlio by Mauro Lamanna of the cultural association Divina Mania; Bianco by Silvia Luzi and Luca Bellino produced by Tfilm; Le rughe by Maurizio Paparazzo produced by Scarford; Gneddu by Andrea di Paola produced by Vasco srl; La figlia di Vlad by Nicola Ragone produced by Power Creative srls; Il concerto by Daniel Cotard produced by Beta Pictures.
Finally, for the documentary section: Chi ha ucciso Giovanni Losardo by Giulia Zanfino and produced by the cultural association Con i miei occhi.

For more information: Calabria Film Commission.