Creative Europe foresees a nearly doubled budget for the MEDIA programme from 2021 to 2027.

With the approval of the increase in resources by the European Parliament, the Creative Europe programme will have a total budget of €2.5 billion. The sum of €1.4 million is dedicated exclusively to the MEDIA programme. The head of unit of the audiovisual industry and media support programmes, Lucía Recalde, says: “The main challenge for us will be to use this significant increase to address the recovery and transformation of the industry“.

The European Commission has set the objective for 30% of the funding to be spent on climate-related actions.”We want to couple incentives with a lot of good practices and awareness-raising activities so that those who are starting can learn from those who are more advanced.” declared Recalde.

Some innovations of the new programm will be to widen the ecosystem, to provide greater accessibility and to support cooperation. The reform want to make the programme more open to groups that haven’t participated in it. He first calls will be launched at the beginning of June. The programme will be structured into clusters such as content, audience and business. One main novelty in the content clusters is the requirement for co-development as a kind of added value to foster collaboration even more intensely. The 360-degree business cluster will be also implemented in 2022.

Among the news of the programme there is a new action, call Tools, which should take advantage of the benefits of digital technologies for the audiovisual industry. Finally there will also be a stronger focus on collaboration involving VoD platforms and the festival network.

Download here the technical sheet of the programme: Creative Europe programme 2021-2027