Biographies today are achieving more space and relevance in the production field as an integral part of realistic cinema.

Documentaries and Docufictions explore, from different angles and in diverse ways, the past and present of our country and beyond, from popular blockbusters to films of great social and civil commitment. These films closely observe and preserve the Italian memory, and so share it with the rest of the world.

Some examples of Docufiction are Storia di Nilde by Anele, Giorgio Ambrosoli – Il prezzo del Coraggio by Stand by Me and Tony Driver, presented at the last edition of the Venice International Film Critics Week, as well as the documentaries on the 1982 soccer world champion Paolo Rossi, the bluesman James Senese and the writer Paolo Cognetti.

The Apulia Film Commission (promoter of the panel), Andrea Romero, founder of the Bologna Biogram Festival, Constanza Quatriglio, Film director and Artistic Director of the CSC Sicilia and Fabrizio Zappi, Manager of TV, Movies and Docufiction of RAI Fiction will be talking along with actors and producers.

Bio Doc: Biographies between real-life cinema and docufiction invites you to attend next Thursday from 11 am to 1 pm at Cinema Barberini during MIA – International Audiovisual Market.


Antonio Parente (General Director – Apulia Film Commission)

Marco Alessi (Producer – ‘Tony Driver’, Dugong Films)

Catherine Le Clef (Cats and Docs)

Massimo Modugno (Production Office – Apulia Film Commission)

Andrea Romeo (Director – Biografilm Festival)

Costanza Quatriglio (Film Director and Artistic Director – CSC Sicily)

Fabrizio Zappi (Manager of Miniseries, Tv Movie and Docufiction – Rai Fiction)


Stefano De Martino (Dancer, protagonist of ‘Su di me, Stefano De Martino’)

Simona Ercolani – Ambrosoli (Producer – ‘Giorgio Ambrosoli – il prezzo del coraggio’, Stand by Me)

Francesco Facchinetti (Producer)

Gloria Giorgianni (Producer – ‘Storia di Nilde’, Anele Produzioni)

Simone Isola (Producer and Director – ‘Se c’è un aldilà sono fottuto. Claudio Caligari’)

Giannandrea Pecorelli (Producer – ‘Aldo Moro – Il professore’, Aurora TV)

Paolo Rossi (Protagonist of ‘Paolo Rossi – A champion is a dreamer who never gives up’)

Moderator: Marco Spagnoli, Head of MIA | DOC