MiBAC promotes all the opportunities for the use of artistic and cultural heritage in audiovisual productions.

MiBAC Directorate General of Museums is preparing and sharing with the Directorate General for Cinema and Film Commissions a tariff for the concession of the use of cultural heritage for cinematographic and audiovisual productions. Meanwhile, the Directorate General for Cinema has set up a working group within the National Coordination of Film Commissions, composed of Italian Regions and Film Commissions, which will discuss the relationship between cinema and cultural heritage. These interventions represent an important step towards the harmonization of the rules of access and use of cultural heritage.

Benefit from cultural heritage in audiovisual productions represents a great opportunity for the Italian artistic, historical and cultural heritage. Museums and archeological sites not only get paid for the concession of use for filming but also benefit from the satellite activities and promotion that productions bring to the territory.