The new budgetary manoeuvre provides for the strengthening of support for the audiovisual sector. This will ensure that the permanence of the extraordinary increase in tax credit.

To guarantee this permanence, 240 million euros per year have been allocated to the appropriate Fund. In addition to this measure, the maneuver also provides for an increase in Fus of 50 million euros.

It was announced by Dario Franceschini, Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, with a note from MiBACT.

The news was taken with great enthusiasm by the presidents of APA and ANICA, Giancarlo Leone and Francesco Rutelli, who during the events held at MIA 2020 had repeatedly hoped that the Ministry would make the increase in tax credit permanent.

Both stressed that this is a far-sighted move on the part of the government, because it guarantees competitiveness to a growing sector that has already produced and will continue to produce films, TV series and documentaries, guaranteeing new jobs.