Great success for the Apulia Film Commission, which runs out in 15 months the 2018-2020 budget, amounting to 10 million euros, opened on 31 May 2018 and closed on 15 August. During this time, 145 applications for funding were received, an increase of 88% compared to the 2017 edition. At 15 open 2019, the projects funded were 53 out of 95 applications (56%).

For this reason, in January 2020 the fund will be refinanced with another 5 million euros. Some new features will also be introduced:

  1. the Virtual Reality category,
  2. the increase of the ceilings of some categories such as the Animation,
  3. interventions to speed up and simplify control during the reporting phase and during the application phase.

The Apulian territory has witnessed a strong growth in production in recent years, some of which have received international recognition. The fund has represented a substantial aid (among the highest in Italy) for small and medium enterprises.

During the Venice Film Festival a memorandum of understanding was signed with Film London, a collaboration that arises from teamwork on various projects, aimed at creating synergies between the two bodies. The International Conference on Film Tourism will take place on November 29th in London, an excellent opportunity to present the good practices implemented in Puglia.