Fondazione Apulia Film Commission and Regione Puglia announce that the Regional Council has deliberated to double the budget of the Apulia Film Fund.

The increase in economic resources allows for the financing of a further 17 film projects. Among these new projects there are: 9 films, 2 TV series, 1 documentary, 4 short films and 1 serial animation work. These works are added to the 25 already funded for a total of 42 productions including films, TV series, documentaries, short films and animated films. With a total allocation of almost 10 million euros, the resources that will be spent and invested in Apulia by audiovisual productions will be more than 21.7 million euros.

The president of Apulia Film Commission, Simonetta Dellomonaco, says: “We are happy with this decision of the Region, which confirms that it wants to continue the process of development of the film and audiovisual sector in Apulia. Apulia Film Commission is working on a strategic post-emergency relaunch plan.”

The new projects to be funded

Among the new film works to be financed thanks to the integration of economic resources are: “La classe migliore” (Dinamo FilmSrl) by Massimiliano D’Epiro. “Sulla giostra” (Anele Srl) by Giorgia Cecere. “Bluerose” (7th International Agency Srl) by Domenico G. Mongelli. “Belli ciao” (Pharos Film Company Srl) by Gennaro Nunziante. “Derabbit” (Mv Pictures Srl) by Mauro Meconi. “Cadendo” (Helios-Sustainable Film Srl) by Samuel Perriard. “L’invenzione della neve” (50N Srl) by Vittorio Moroni. “The Christmas show” (Viva Productions Srl) by Alberto Ferrari. “La grande guerra del Salento” (Ahora! Srl) by Marco Pollini.

In addition, the two TV series are: “Storia di una famiglia perbene” (11 Marzo Film Srl) by Stefano Reali. “Più forti del destino” (Fabula Pictures Srl) by Alexis Sweet. The new short films are 4: “La pescatora” (Production Srl) by Erica Lucia Silipo in art Lucia Lorè. “HappyAnniversary” (Queen Films Srls) by Isabella Salvetti. “Anima” (Clickom Srl Innovative) by Serena Tondo. “The Dress” (Scirocco Films Srls) by Vincenzo D’Arpe. Finally, the documentary “La grande opera” (Intergea Srl) by Corrado Punzi and the second season of the animated serial “Trulli Tales” (Congedo Culturarte Srl) by Massimo Montigiani are funded.

The complete list of the 25 works already funded can be consulted at the following link: Apulia Film Commission