The Association of Television Producers becomes APA: Association of Audiovisual Producers. A new path is thus inaugurated that recognizes the evolutions undergone by the sector in recent times.

For the occasion, the APA presented the 1st Report on National Audiovisual Production, supported by the Directorate General for Cinema of MiBAC and Istituto Luce Cinecittà, with the contribution of various research institutes such as E-Media, Symbola, OFI, Geca Italia and Ce.R.T.A..

“It’s the first time – declared the President of APA Giancarlo Leone – that our sector expresses a wide research that finally provides the real dimension of the national audiovisual industry. The research demonstrates the excellent state of health of the entire sector with some significant signs of international success for the serial product.”

From the 1st Report on National Audiovisual Production, the centrality of audiovisual production emerges, not only as a lever for the growth of the national creative industries, but also for the development of the national Digital Economy. In the audiovisual market, television still plays an important role today, as confirmed by the growing data on the consumption of television products. In fact, the revenues of the first 50 production companies on the Italian market are also on the increase, recording +39% in 2017 compared to 2013. A positive figure also comes from national audiovisual production, which in 2017 reached a value close to 1 billion euros, confirming on the top the TV products (from series to entertainment, animation and documentaries), followed by film products and OTT.

A great deal of attention emerges above all with regard to series, which in Italy are the television products par excellence. According to the 1st Report on National Audiovisual Production, Rai, followed by Mediaset and Sky, devoted more space to TV programming in 2018. This trend is also confirmed by the launch of international co-productions that have led to the creation of successful titles such as Gomorrah, Baby, I Medici, My Brlliant Friend. In particular, compared to the three-year period 2015-2017, the number of series internationally co-produced  is destined to increase by 150%.

The President of APA concluded the presentation of the research’s data with some proposals to the government. First of all, to strengthen the tax credit, aligning it with the growing opportunities that the sector requires. No less important is to ensure that the country’s economic development policies can make greater use of the Made in Italy of audiovisual production as a driving force for the country’s system, also through greater enhancement of the MIA – International Audiovisual Market.