Walter Iuzzolino (Co-founder and Curator, Walter Presents) had a special interview with Alex Mahon (CEO of Channel4) at MIA Market 2019.

“It is a really challenging moment for broadcasters. But it is also the most interesting moment, in which we are compelled to innovate and adapt to this new media environment”, Alex Mahon (CEO of Channel4) explained. “The challenge for broadcasters is that of distinguishing particularly amongst younger audiences. They want new stuff, but they also have little patience. We need to innovate our editorial content and the way we do marketing”.

Alex Mahon added that Channel4 is “small at global levels, but has a very clear focus on its strategy”. “We have collaborated with Sky on content sharing and also with Netflix. Right now, we are launching one series a week. We have 20 million registered users. With the right content, we have seen new people coming in”.

Innovation was another of the topics she tackled: “This is what I call the innovation dilemma: the new business is not making enough money yet. The important thing is to keep attracting new talents. New talents and new writers are looking for someone like Channel4 to work with”. On Film4, the cinematographic side of Channel4, Alex Mahon said that they “produced a lot of Oscar-winning films”.