To participate to the MIA you would need an accreditation.


The MIA accreditation is reserved exclusively to Film and Audio-visual Industry professionals.

Before registering for accreditation, please read the Participation Guidelines.

Registration period


The registration period for MIA 2017: from 21 July 2017 to 18 October 2017.

Before September 23, 2017: applicants who register within September 23, 2017 will have their professional details listed in the online materials as well as the Industry Guide.

After September 23, 2017: requesting a Market Badge will still be possible, while listing in the Industry Guide cannot be guaranteed. Applicants’ professional details will be available in the digital materials of the online restricted area.

From October 11, 2017, it is still possible to request a Badge at a premium rate (MIA Late).

During the market: it is possible to request a daily Badge, subject to availability. Request must be made within 24 hours of the issuance.


costs accreditations mia market 2017


A discount shall be applied whether a company requests the purchase of accreditations for groups of its employees: with the purchase of 5 accreditations, one is free. The requests shall benefit from this discount only if submitted to, including names of people to accredit in the group package.



The MIA Badge offers:


  • Exclusive access to the entire market venue and lounges reserved for meetings between registered professionals;
  • Access to market screenings;
  • Access to the Video Library, featuring the titles presented at the Market, debut films of the director selected at the co-production Market;
  • Access to all information about participants, films, TV Series, Documentaries, the screening schedule, the panels program and events agenda (access to the restricted area of the website);
  • Listing of professional details in the Industry Guide (if the accreditation request is registered within September 23, 2017);
  • Access to market screenings;
  • Access to Panels, showcases, conferences and scheduled meetings (until exhaustion of available seats);
  • For the co-production market invited participants: meeting plan individually tailored to participants’ needs and according to the event format;
  • Access to the list of projects selected at MIA|Cinema, MIA|TV and MIA|DOC Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum and priority in the organization of meetings with the representatives of the relevant projects;
  • Free Wi-Fi and internet access in the official venue of the Market;
  • Assistance of MIA staff prior and during the event.



If you attended MIA 2015 or 2016, login to your personal page using your credentials (MyMia) to update your data in the available form and request an accreditation.

Credentials (login and password) are the same you have received in the past editions from the accreditation office. In case of problems in recovering your credentials, please contact the accreditation office,

If it’s your first time at MIA, please fill in the online application form and provide full and updated documentation as requested in the form.

Before proceeding with the request, we remind you to keep at hand the following information and documents, as they are necessary for completing the accreditation, especially in case it is your first time at MIA:

  • Personal details (name, address, direct line and mobile, email);
  • A passport-sized photo in jpeg format;
  • Recent Titles, acquired, distributed, sold and/or produced (Please enter titles only. International titles are preferable, if already existing);
  • A short company profile (200 characters max).

For Free Lancers:

it is mandatory to send the following materials to this mail address:

  • A short CV
  • A Letter of Reference on Letterhead
  • A valid Identity Card

For Lawyers:

  • A letter of the law firm, confirming that the applicant is working in the audiovisual sector.

For the press:

  • PRESS accreditations are free and managed by the MIA press office. To request a press accreditation, please contact

Each applicant may request only one accreditation, personal and non-transferable, for a single category of activity.

Accreditations will be issued on a limited number basis, therefore the sole application neither constitutes nor guarantees an accreditation.

Accreditation requests will be proceeded on a first-come-first-served basis. MIA will confirm its acceptance of the accreditation request by e-mail.

Being issued an accreditation implies for the participant full acceptance and compliance of MIA Regulations 2017. Any violation could bring to the Badge withdrawal.

Please note that admission to screenings is not permitted to people under 18 years old.

We also kindly remind you that accreditations are issued at the sole discretion of MIA’s Director.

Costs and types of accreditation


Accreditation to MIA has different costs depending on the date of registration of participants and on the activity for which the access is requested. The fee is reduced for participants registering in advance of the market dates and increased for the registration close to the event (after verification of the availability of seats). The date of payment of the accreditation shall be considered as the effective date of registration. During MIA, daily accreditations may be requested; the request must be presented 24 hours in advance. The issuance of the daily Badges is subject to the same conditions covered by this general Regulation and after the verification of the availability of seats. “Talks” accreditations for the sole access to that market section are available.



Payment for the Early Bird accreditation shall be made using a credit card (no bank transfer) by 9 August 2017; payment for the Regular accreditation shall be made in advance (by credit card or bank transfer) by 10 October; the Late accreditation may be paid in advance only with credit card (no bank transfer) or in place when issuing the accreditation (by credit/debit card or in cash). The Daily accreditation may be purchased only in place by credit/debit card or in cash.

For payments by bank transfer, the credit value date for the MIA bank account shall be considered as the effective date.
Please note that badge holders will be granted access to the restricted area of the website (participants and film directories, market screenings schedule, etc.) only after the MIA accreditation will be approved and paid.



The accreditation is valid for the duration of MIA; it should be worn and shown, upon request, to personnel in all areas of the MIA. If someone is found wearing a badge other than his/her own, such badge will be confiscated and not returned.

Picking up your accreditation


Accreditation may be picked up upon presentation of a valid ID at the Accreditation Desk in the Office of MIA from 16 to 18 October 2017 and at the Accreditation Desk of the venue from October 19 until the end of the market (dates and opening hours will be indicated in the accreditation confirmation letter). A third party may also be allowed to pick up an accreditation upon presentation of a written authorization, a photocopy of his or her ID, and a photocopy of the ID of the person applying for accreditation.



Accreditation Office:

The abovementioned information may be subject to change.

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