Fondazione Apulia Film Commission announces that 25 projects have been financed so far by the Apulia Film Fund.

The call for proposals aimed at supporting productions (films, TV series, documentaries, short films and animation projects) of works or series of audiovisual works to be realized in whole or in part in Apulia, whose management, starting from this edition, is directly entrusted to Apulia Film Commission as intermediate body.

The foundation announced “of the 32 applications assessed so far by the Technical Commission of Evaluation, 25 projects have been admitted to funding: 10 feature films, 3 television series, 5 documentaries, 1 animated feature film and 6 short films, for a total allocation of 4,979,455.19 euros. The funded projects, completed, in progress or about to start shooting, touch most of the regional territory”.

Among the ten financed feature films we find:

“Questa notte parlami dell’Africa” (Draka Production Srl) by Carolina Boco and Luca La Vopa;
“Pompei – Antica domina di via dell’abbondanza” (Bronx Film Srl) by Giuseppe M. Gaudino;
“Amelia” (Oberon Productions Srl) by Salvatore Piscicelli;
“I Profeti” (Cinemaundici Srl) by Alessio Cremonini;
“Mangia! (Bella Film Srl) by Anna Piscopo;
“L’Uomo dal fiore in bocca” (One More Pictures Srl) by Gabriele Lavia;
“7 Gironi MIA – Le ragazze non piangono” (Rain Dogs Srl) byAndrea Zuliani;
“Mondocane” (Greenland Srl) by Alessandro Celli;
“State of Consciousness” (Dinamo Film Srl) by Marcus Stokes;
“Il grande male” (Mac Film Sas) by Mario Tani.

Three are the TV series:

“Le indagini di Lolita Lobosco” (BIBI Film Tv Srl) by Luca Miniero;
“Il medico della mala” (Eliseo Multimedia Spa) by Cinzia TH Torrini;
“The Nanny: Mission Italy” (Viola Film Srl) by Sascha Bigler.

Five are the documentaries:

“C’era una volta in Puglia” (Tam Tam Soc. Coop.) by Nadir Mura;
“Faragola – Aquam in domino” (H.G.V. Italia Srl) by Claudio D’Elia;
“Stolen Moments” (LCN Srl) by Stefano Landini;
“I giganti del mare” (Studio Kairos Srls) by Daniele Di Domenico;
“Crimini d’arte” (Doclab Srl) by Stefano Sbrocchi.

Six fiction short films were financed:

“Il mare che muove le cose” (Beagle Media Sas) by Lorenzo Marinelli;
“Pier Paolo morto e risorto” (Kraken Srl) by Rocco Anelli;
“Blue Whale” (Vengeance Srl) by Lorenzo Corvino;
“Lea e il fenicottero” (Assedio Film SocCoop) by Antonio De Palo;
“I santi” (Dugong Srl) by Giacomo Abbruzzese;
“Hotel Tempus” (The Piranesi Experience Srl) by Lorenzo Corvino.

Finally, the feature animation film “Metamorphosis” (Glaim Srl) by Michele Fasano was funded.

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