MIA|Cinema is becoming an increasingly unmissable event of the autumn for European sellers, buyers and producers.

MIA|Cinema is the perfect place for exporting films and for co-productions, where the European and international film industry and films are front and centre.

MIA|Cinema’s structure features four different strategic strands:

  • An international co-production market devoted to discovering and support emerging and acclaimed filmmakers alike;
  • An efficient, cost-effective and informal platform for marketing independent high-quality films;
  • A think-thank to stimulate exchange of ideas and best practices through the MIA talks series, offering in-depth analyses and identifying new business models;
  • A ‘networking& business booster’: an informal, successful business hub and matchmaking accelerator, whose focus is to gather professionals and help them build and mantainconnections for strategic, medium-to-long term prospects.



For further info write to: mia.cinema@miamarket.it

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