In less than a month, the spotlight of International cinema will turn on Rome and MIA | CINEMA prepares to welcome insiders with a rich programme of events and prestigious names.

Among them, the members of the International Advisory Board, devoted to the new strategies developed to boost Rome and Italy as the heart of world film production.

Here are the names of the world sellers, producers and distributors composing the board:

  • Vicente Canales, Managing Director, Film Factory Entertainment (Spain)
  • Cristina Cavaliere, International Sales Manager, RAI COM (Italy)
  • Paola Corvino, CEO, Intramovies (Italy)
  • Raffella Di Giulio, Head of International Sales, Fandango Sales (Italy)
  • Jakub Duszynski, Head of Acquisitions, Gutek Film (Poland)
  • Ed Guiney, Producer, Element Pictures (Ireland)
  • Charlotte Mickie, President, Mongrel International (Canada)
  • Catia Rossi, Managing Director & Head of Sales, True Colours (Italy)
  • Guido Rud, Ceo & Founder, Filmsharks International (Argentina)
  • Frederick Tsui, General Manager & Head of Sales and International Co-Productions, Media Asia Film Distribution (Hong Kong)
  • Michael Weber, Managing Director, The Match Factory (Germany)
  • Susan Wendt, Head of Sales, Trustnordisk (Denmark)
  • Francois Yon, Partner, Films Distribution (France)