The President of the region of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti spoke during the Cannes press conference to explain the current situation of Lazio Cinema International, a notice offering ten million Euros a year to support international co-production projects set in Lazio.

“Eighteen projects have been selected amounting to a total of eight million Euros. The second call will start on 30 March, while the third call will be presented in October during MIA in Rome” Zingaretti said. “Lazio is the first Italian region with public investment for the audiovisual sector, equal to 23 million Euros a year”. Moreover, Zingaretti announced an increase in investment for cinema and the entire distribution sector.

Luciano Sovena, President of Roma Lazio Film Commission, has then illustrated the new Euro-Mediterraneancenter for the audiovisual sector, created in partnership with the film commissions of Tunisia, Morocco, Spain and France, together with Algeria and Lebanon at a later stage.