The Saudi Tahir family has a fish market on the verge of bankruptcy in the Red Sea port city of Jeddah: will they be able to turn it into a profitable business? On this question unfolds the events of “Bait Tahir,” or “Tahir’s House,” coming to Netflix on Sept. 6.

As guessed from the trailer for the first season available on the platform, the family’s business, close to bankruptcy, thanks to its grandmother’s green thumb reorganizes around the production of an herb, habsa, “a natural aphrodisiac” that is empowering and in high demand.

With this comedy series, shot entirely in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom is asking Netflix to pay more attention to Saudi content. With this in mind, the chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Shikh, has agreed to meet with Netflix executives in September to discuss production in Saudi Arabia, a territory that is home to the largest number of subscribers in the region. It was then stressed that “a series or a movie every now and then” about Saudi Arabia “is not enough for us.”


Photo Credits: Pixabay