Marco is a boy full of energy, he is often frustrated and angry because he lives in a difficult district without any space for imagination. He is unem­ployed and his family situation is far from ideal because his mother has a mental disease. Anna, his big love, is his sunshine but her family doesn’t like him very much. When Marco finds out that he will become father soon, he will find, together with Anna, the strength to face his own problems, his mother’s illness, and finally to come to terms with the rest of the world around him. A “musical” movie that, through the bildungsroman of one of its protagonists, gets us, between fiction and reality, to know the characters and the real life of a neighborhood animated by great dreams and desires.

Directed by Giovanni Piperno and produced by Matteo Garrone (Archimede) and Giovanni Pompili (Kino Produzioni), We Are the Winners is one of the projects of MIA|Cinema Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum. Learn more about this and the other projects clicking here.