5 million funds have been approved to launch the Veneto Film Commission. The announcement was released on the occasion of the “Stati Generali del Cinema Veneto”.

The official presentation of the long-awaited Film Commission will take place during the 75th Venice Film Festival, although some information has already been brought by the Regional Councillor for Culture, Cristiano Corazzari. “The granted amount comes from the European social development funds that, by political choice, will be moved from other sectors and invested in cinema, and it will be received by mid-year”, declared his commissioner.

An initial budget of 5 million euros for the Veneto Film Commission which will be devoted to attracting film productions in the Veneto Region and promoting the realization of films in the territory. The Film Commission will be open to all the interested agents, from the sector associations to the traders, giving space also to the pre-existing film commissions at the provincial level. The structure of the Film Commission has been organized from a research by the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice, directed by prof. Fabrizio Panozzo.

In the analysis of the Ca ‘Foscari University, it has been underlined that all the remarkable film commissions for best practices are essential for those who are in charge. Precisely for this reason, it will be of major importance to identify the agents who can be entrusted with the leadership of the Film Commission so as to ensure that the organization can be active as soon as possible.

The “Stati Generali del Cinema Veneto” has been organized by the AGICI TRIVENETO (territorial section of the General Association of Independent Cine-Audiovisual Industries), in collaboration with IRECOOP VENETO and with the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice.