In Venice, the Umbria Film Commission presents the region as the ideal location for movies and fictions reminding the successes set in the ‘green heart of Italy’.

During the event “Cineturismo in Umbria. La piattaforma per interventi nel settore” edited by Umbria Film Commission, on Tuesday 4th of September in the Italian Pavillon Sala Tropicana (Hotel Excelsior in Venice), the region has proposed itself as a model location for successful movies and tv series. All to be considered projects which have largely contributed to the promotion of Umbria and which have generated a massive contribution in the increase of cinetourism.

Among the most significant projects supported by the Umbria Film Commission it surely stands out Don Matteo. The fortunate tv series, produced by Lux Vide in partnership with Rai Fiction, with the main character Terence Hill as a priest, has come to the 11th season and it was filmed between Gubbio and Spoleto. Not to forget also another successful tv series, Carabinieri, which was set in Città della Pieve during its seven seasons broadcasted on Canale 5.

The city of Terni, instead, was chosen by Roberto Benigni to film several scenes of his Oscar movie, Life is beautiful. Dario Argento chose the jewish section of the monumental cemetery in Perugia for one of the most famous scene of Deep Red, the funeral of the medium Helga.

The present and the future see numerous productions supported by the Umbria Film Commission too.  In Castel San Felice (Sant’Anatolia) there was the first action of Copperman, the new movie with Luca Argentero – produced by Eliofilm with Rai Cinema and Notorious Pictures – which then will have as main location the city of Spoleto. The tv series Sara e Marti was filmed within Bevagna, Montefalco and Torgiano, produced by Stand By Me in partnership with The Walt Disney Company Italy. Foligno is the set of the new film by Pierluigi Di Lallo, Nati due volte, which will have as main characters Fabio Troiano, Euridice Axen and Marco Palvetti.