Congratulations to Edoardo De Angelis, who has started the filming of his new project: The Vice of Hope. The movie, written in collaboration with Umberto Contarello, was presented in the last edition of the  MIA|Co-production Market and Pitching Forum, and narrates the story of a woman who works with children traffickers. The director, who was acclaimed last year for his work Indivisible, has announced the shooting of the film in Castelvolturno, in the region of Campania, and has selected quite a prestigious cast: Pina Turco, who will embody the main character, Maria,  Marina Confalone, Massimiliano Rossi, Cristina Donadio and Marcello Romolo. Produced by Tramp Limited and O’Groove (Attilio De Razza and Pierpaolo Verga) it will be distributed by Medusa

Congratulations also to Yalda, directed by the Iranian Massoud Bakhshi, which has been awarded the Eurimages Fund (160,000 euros). The movie, also presented last year in  MIA|Co-production Market and Pitching Forum, is produced by JBA Production, Tita B Productions (Francia), Niko Film (Germania) and Close Up Films (Switzerland)Amour fou Luxembourg Sarl (Luxembourg).