Revenues in the Western European television market in 2019 are almost 102 billion, an increase of +1.5% over the previous year, but the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to lead to a -10% drop in revenues by 2020. This is what ITMedia Consulting reported in its 18th Annual Turning Digital Report.

Analyzing in particular the various sectors, there’s a growth of the pay TV market, which marks an increase of +4.2% with revenues over 50 billion; the revenues of Svod providers are constantly increasing.

The Avod market in Europe has consolidated in the same way: in 2019 revenues represent 15% of the total incomes of the Western European TV and video market, and in the UK and Germany the data rises over 33%.

There was a slight decline in the advertising market, which registered a -1.3% drop and is expected to decrease further in 2020.