The Trentino Film Commission has announced the opening of the first call of the Film Fund 2023, which will close on 2nd March this year.

The aim of the fund is to enhance the territory by supporting audiovisual productions and encouraging the training of professionals in the sector.

The production grant is reserved for Italian, European and international companies for film, television or documentary productions made in the Province of Trento and for local producers or television editors for the production of audiovisual works, series and television formats.

Funding is non-repayable. The subsidy granted to film and television productions amounts to €400,000, which is reduced to €40,000 for documentary productions. The maximum amount granted to local publishers and producers is €50,000.

The training grant is aimed at supporting professionals resident in the Province of Trento by encouraging their participation in international courses and markets. The amount of this funding may not exceed €5,000.

Two further calls are planned for 2023, with deadlines on 6th June and 21st September respectively.

For further information please refer to the Trentino Film Commission’s web site.