The deadline to apply for admission to the Trentino Film Commission’s Film Fund to support production and training in the audiovisual sector expires today.

The objectives that the Trentino Film Commission has set itself with this call for applications are the creation of cinematographic and television works that enrich the common cultural heritage, the promotion of geographical heritage and the training of technical and artistic personnel.

The contributions are available to independent audiovisual production companies, national or international, for film, television or documentary productions; television publishers operating in the province of Trento; professionals and aspiring professionals for participation in training courses.

The maximum value of the grant is 200,000 Euros for film and television productions; 40,000 Euros for documentary productions; 50,000 Euros for local productions and local television publishers; 5,000 Euros for training or professional market initiatives.

It is also allowed that 20% of the total production budget is supported in another EU country without reducing the contribution.

Further information on terms and conditions to access the fund are available at this link