Refused and pulled back by heavy police controls and barricades in Ventimiglia/Menton, many refugees have no choice but to walk north, through mountain paths and train tunnels, to cross the infamous border of Italy and France. Thirty kilometers north they find the Roya Valley, amidst the beautiful Alps. Here, the local community welcomes them into their homes, gives them food, shelter and helps them cross over to Nice and other cities in France.
It all started with a small group of people, but, soon after, seeing the dismay and suffering of the refugees crossing their land, others took action. About one year ago, the group decided to make their actions public, initiating an arm-wrestle with the authorities who reinforced their presence in the Valley, targeting the helpers. Nine people from Roya are already facing criminal charges and two of them were condemned. What does it mean to live by principle? What is at stake for you, your family and friends when you try to do what is right?
The Valley, directed by Nuno Escudeiro and produced by Valerio Moser for Miramonte Film, is one of the project of MIA|DOC Pitching Forum. Learn more about this and the other projects clicking here.