Directed by: Daniel Henríquez Rodríguez
Country: Argentina
Production Co: Remora Films, Capicua Films


Julia, from Argentina, studies French laws with her friend Milena, to validate her title of lawyer and be able to practice in her new city, Marseille. With her French husband, Jean Baptiste, she has built a comfortable middle-class universe. She has everything, except economic independence. The opportunity comes; in the police headquarters, they need to translate and type phone conversations from Spanish to French. In the Police Central, Deputy Officer Jerome explains the situation: Victor, a white-gloved Chilean thief, has arrived with his band plucking tourists all over the French Riviera. When Julia listens to his voice making love at a distance with his lover, she experiences a desire that she has never known before. Julia is unleashed and she begins to break the rules and cross the limits of legality. She extracts several audio files from the police server and feeds her fantasy by listening to them in her routine. She learns that Victor’s plans have got more difficult, his retriever for the stolen species is in jail and now he tries to deal with a local crime boss, Guillaume. Julia, attracted to Victor, decides to get closer to him and discovers a world where she belongs.

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