The secret of the international success of Top Gear, the BBC Show about cars that earned more than 350 millions viewers in 212 countries, is the core of a talk at MIA, the international Market of Audiovisual products on-going in Rome between Boscolo Hotel and Terme di Diocleziano. According to the show-runner of the French edition Corentin Glutron, Top Gear consists in watching three adults behaving like kids who break very expensive toys.” Ettore Paternò, who will put on-air the Italian version of Top Gear in spring 2016 – produced by Toro Production and presented by Joe Bastianch, Guido Meda and a third unknown person – stressed that the show is not only about cars, but it’s 99% entertainment. He argued about the challenge to cast suitable presenters. Paternò also said that Top Gear is a famous Brand worldwide due to the three known presenters. BBC is currently in trouble as well, because these three people must be replaced at the moment. It’s tricky to find comical personalities who have a good alchemy between each other and who know about cars too. Paternò pointed out: “we’re very satisfied of our choices. You’ll meet a new Joe Bastainch. He’s always so serious, and for the first time his vulnerability will come into view. Guido Meda affected everyone on set with his enthusiasm, and he also owns the necessary journalistic reliability. At the end of the meeting, the two panellists exchanged some compliments. Glutron said: “I envy your cars. The possibility to have a Lamborghini or a Ferrari available for the show is a great privilege.” On the other side, Paternò recognized that “the French edition is the best adaptation worldwide, and it’s the second only in comparison to the original one”. Eventually they got a deal for the day of the final match of the European Soccer Tournament in 2016. It’s a challenge between Top Gear Italy and France and it implies putting the national cars on a soccer field.