In a not too distant future: Europe is ravaged by religious civil wars, epidemic plagues have decimated the survivors. Omar, a powerful warlord reigns with an iron fist. All books are burnt. Music is outlawed and prohibited. Most of the people cannot write nor read. Only a few, like Jakob and his band, dare to stand up against Omar and his Henchmen. But even them get ambushed and slaughtered. Only a young woman is able to escape the inferno. Sarah. Jakob’s daughter. Sarah has one goal: finding Omar and killing him. She teams up with Iva, a true Amazon, and her gang of desperados. Soon they are mercilessly hunted by Omar’s ruthless mercenaries, because Sarah has the key to the power. She knows how to find Omar. The search for Omar will be a journey into the heart of darkness. The quest will lead them from the karstlands to the Adriatic coast/sea, on to a city of slaves. They travel on horses, on a boat and in an old tank. Many will die; others will be saved and liberated, until Sarah and Iva finally reach the Alps, where Omar is hiding. Omar, the ruler of their world. Master of numerous refugees, oppressed subjects and slaves. But nothing is what it seemed, when Sarah and Iva meet Omar.

Directed by Andreas Prochaska and produced by Daniel Hetzer for Tangram Films, The Searchers is one of the projects of MIA|Cinema Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum. Learn more about this and the other projects clicking here.