Finland, early 2000. Jari Aarnio is the best-known policeman in the narcotics division, incredibly clever and able to secure the most important contacts in the criminal world. Kai Valli is one of these, and not just a regular one: he is the boss of the United Brotherhood, the biggest criminal organization in Finnish history.

Two men, on opposite sides of the law, who work together running a huge risk: Valli for his betrayal and Aarnio for his career, already a source of envy within the same Police Force. This is their (true) story.

The Emperor, a Finnish, French and German co-production (Minna Virtanen for Vertigo, Lionel Uzan for Federation Entertainment, Peter Nadermann for Nadcon) is one of the projects of MIA | TV Drama Series Pitching Forum, created by Antti Pesonen and Minna Virtanen and written by Antti Pesonen and Veli-PekkaHänninnem. To find out more about this and other projects, click here.