A sunny afternoon at the beach in Odessa. A few people hanging out at the beach notice a boat drifting along the shoreline. In the boat they find a naked corpse of a young woman. Her face and body are partially mangled by birds, her right arm has been cut off above the elbow. Serhiy, militia captain, searches for long time but neither the boat, nor the victim’s corpse show any features enabling identification. In the evening of the same day in Warsaw, a car passes young couple kissing in the car and then suddenly reverses, crushing into the front of their car. A masked man gets out with a baseball bat and smashes the couple’s car window and disappears in the dark. Maria, police superintendent in the open boot of the abandoned car finds a young woman forearm. The car in which the forearm was found had been stolen, and its owner kidnapped and kept in a car with Czech’s registration plates. In the evening of the next day, in Prague, in a theatre, during a play, an actress discovers a cut off forearm of a young woman in a bag which is a stage prop. The investigation is conducted by Viktor, police superintendent. The pathologist establishes that the forearm was previously frozen.

The Pleasure Principle created by Maciej Maciejewski for Apple Film Production is one of the projects of the MIA | TV Drama Series Pitching Forum. Click here for info on this and all the other projects.