The permanent table for live entertainment, cinema and audiovisual has been set up.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Dario Franceschini has released some statements, expressing the desire to continue to face the Coronavirus emergency and identify future scenario, thanks to the work of the ministry itself and the collaboration of associations and trade organizations that sit at the table (in the cinema and audiovisual section: 100 Autori, AGICI, ANAC, ANEC, ANICA, APA, APE, CGIL, CISL, CNA, FIDAC, UGL, UIL, UNITA, Univideo).

Among the fundamental points touched by Franceschini, the possibility of guaranteeing stable rights to entertainment workers, as well as to the companies and associations involved in the sector. “We are discussing the new law on live entertainment, as well as the destination of the new resources provided for by the budget law: the 240 million more for the cinema fund, which make it possible to make permanent the increase to 40% of the rate of tax credit, and 50 million more for the FUS, which will have to be addressed to broaden the perimeter of state support to those entities that have never enjoyed it “.