The IDM Film Commission Südtirol’s latest 2023 call has nine new funded projects, six of which are from Italy, one from Germany, one from Austria, and one from Great Britain.

Among the funded projects in the production phase are Eden Sonate (working title), the new project by Ronny Trocker. The film was supported by IDM already in development and is produced by Italy’s Dugong together with Germany’s zischlermann filmproduktion. And then again The Ice Tower (working title) the new film by Lucile Hadzihalilovic, who co-wrote the screenplay with Geoff Cox. Other supported films in production include The Last Summer (working title) by Joao Nuno Pinto; the producer is Albolina of Alto Adige, which will produce it together with Wonder Maria Filmes of Lisbon.

IDM-supported products also include three documentary films, also in the production phase: notably the project on Monica Vitti, The Woman With The Gun (working title) by Katja Duregger, produced by Helios Sustainable Films of Bolzano, together with Florianfilm.
Also receiving IDM funding are two short films: the drama titled Rosa Alchemica (working title) by Pietro Floris, written by Gabriele Uboldi, and the docufilm Torino Torino (working title) written and directed by Bernadette Weber, produced by Italy’s Abisso Studio and Austria’s Visioni e.U.

With regard to support in the pre-production phase Funded projects in the pre-production phase we find the documentary film A mano a mano (working title), written by Annachiara Gislimberti and directed by Erald Dika, presented by the Bolzano-based production company Korabi Società Cooperativa, which tells the story of Eva and the women’s collective “Ino Kollektiv.”

The realization of the selected projects will involve South Tyrolean professionals and service companies for about a month, both during the working phase on the sets and in post-production.

The productions will also adopt the “Green shooting” protocol introduced by IDM to limit the environmental impact of film productions in South Tyrol.

PhotoCredits: PxHere