APA (Association of Audiovisual Producers) launches the platform “APA Ricerche: presente e futuro dell’audiovisivo” (APA Researches: present and future of Audiovisual) with news and data about the sector.

Contributing to a shared knowledge system and recording the deep transformations of the entire audiovisual industry. These are the objectives expressed by APA, the association led by Giancarlo Leone, with the launch of the “APA Ricerche: presente e futuro dell’audiovisivo” platform. Thanks to it, in fact, all users are given the opportunity to consult, in a constantly updated space, the reports, the news related to the sector and all those data that, for the first time, will be able to provide the real size of the Italian audiovisual industry. In addition, there will be comments by sector experts.

The first contents released on the new APA platform will be: the complete version of “Italian Original“, a research developed by E-Media, which underlined the positive phase currently experienced by the national audiovisual production and the data of the Osservatorio sulla Fiction Italiana (Observatory on Italian Fiction).

The service is available through the Association of Audiovisual Producers’ website.