Tomorrow the Italian series Un Posto al Sole will reach its 5000th episode.

Created in 1996 by the director of Rai 3 Giovanni Minoli, the famous soap opera set in Naples has been confirmed as the longest-running Italian drama TV series, which received remarkable ratings and an extensive amount of faithful viewers who have followed from the beginning the story of the inhabitants of Palazzo Palladini.

Over the years, the series has seen new addition to its casts, such as Pino Insegno, Barbara Bouchet, Heather Parisi and Francesco Paolantoni, and it also experienced some loses, but the original group composed by Patrizio Rispo, in the role of goalkeeper Raffaele Giordano, and Marina Tagliaferri, who interprets the director of the Counselling Center Giulia Poggi are still indefatigably standing. The reasons why this series has lasted for such a long time are, according to many, the topicality of the story, which always reflects the spirits of the times, and other live issues such as the mistreatment of women, addressed in recent days by the character of the distinguished lawyer Enriquez, interpreted by Rodolfo Corsato, who, while thinking to be exerting his charm among his collaborators, is actually abusing his position of power.

Produced by Rai Fiction, FremantleMedia Italia and Rai Production Center in Naples, the series has represented a great economic opportunity for the city of Naples and the whole region of Campania.