The list of cinematic works that have been selected to receive the MIC financial contributions of the first session of 2022 has been published. The call allocates a total of 42.3 million divided into three evaluation sessions for screenwriting, development and preproduction and production project.


The General Directorate for Cinema and Audiovisual granted a total of 1,465,000 euros for the production of eight feature films by young authors and 2,546,000 euros for first and second works, also feature films. In addition, 1,100,000 euros should be added for 23 documentaries and short films for film, television and web. 1,429,000 euros regarding 9 works of animation and as much as 6,160,000 euros allocated to 18 feature-length films of special artistic quality and difficult films with modest financial resources and feature-length research and training works.


In the latter category we find La chimera, by Alice Rohrwacher, a Tempesta (Italy), Amka Films (Switzerland), Ad Vitam (France) co-production, which received €700,000; Alberi erranti e naufraghi, by Salvatore Mereu, production Viacolvento (Italy), Unité (France), admitted to receive 500,000 euros, same amount obtained by Sotto le nuvole, by Gianfranco Rosi, produced by 21Uno film (Italy), Stemal Entertainment (Italy), Les Films d’Ici (France).


Finally, the screenplay writing projects accepted were 13 non-serial film, TV and web works for a total of €260,000 and 8 serial TV and web works for a total of €140,000.


In terms of selective financial contributions for cinematographic works for development and pre-production, 11 works were selected for a total of 550 thousand euros. Of these, 90 thousand euros went to Nando e gli altri by Antonio Capuano, produced by Enjoy Movies. The third and final window to apply for financial contributions will be from September 6 to 29, 2022.

(📷 Credits Images: pxhere)