Alon Shtruzman, CEO of Keshet International, is the protagonist of a panel dedicated to the international content fund of 65 million dollars.

The KI Content Fund, in partnership with a large number of Israeli financial institutions, is a five-year fund that aims to bring a new stream of high-quality content with a global appeal to an international audience. The fund was presented by Israeli audiovisual guru Alon Shtruzman during a panel moderated by Lorenzo De Maio (Head of TV Sales and Advisory Group Endeavor Content).

Israel is a leading force in the audiovisual field”, said Alon Shtruzman, “where the level of the television product is excellent and copyright is exploited a lot. This is the case with TV series like ‘Prisoners of War’ and ‘Homeland’, which represented a real step forward. From that moment on Israel became a reference point for the audiovisual market.

Alon Shtruzman then went on to look at the current situation on the audiovisual scene and observe how “the market continues to fragment; however, despite the exponential increase in products offered to the viewer, of VOD and OTT, the large networks still resist.

Keshet International is a global leader in both production and distribution. KI is part of the Keshet Media Group, which also owns Israel’s most popular unencrypted channel, Keshet 12. With Alon Shtruzman at the head, KI’s portfolio includes seven local productions from the distribution hubs – Keshet UK, Tresor in Germany, Keshet Asia in Hong Kong, Keshet India as well as Keshet Films and Keshet Studios in the USA – and a majority stake in Greenbird Media.