Audiovisual productions will be able to come back to work thanks to the adoption of the health protocol, as a result of an intense work which brings together the requests of the sector categories.

Last March, many productions had to stop working because of the health emergency’s arrangements, leading to a production shutdown. Only a few projects have been realized through alternative ways of working and in exceptional conditions.

The health protocol, which will be presented to the institutions in reference to the current legislation, include the reorganization of the health and safety work standards in the various departments, with particular attention to the set. Therefore, conducts, responsibilities, the use of security tools and devices and the procedures that will be adopted, have been reworked to prevent contagion from Covid-19.

The health protocol was signed by the associations of audiovisual companies ANICA, APA, APE, LARA and by some trade unions such as SLC-CGL and FISTEL-CISL on the basis of the previous document of April 24, shared by the Government and the Social Partners, Employer associations and workers’ union organizations, and workplace safety regulations.