The Girl in the Fog, a novel written by Donato Carrisi, is now a movie directed by the same Carrisi at his cinematographic debut. The movie, starring Toni Servillo,  Alessio Boni and Jean Reno, presented as a project at MIA | Cinema Co-production Market & Pitching Forum 2016, is produced by Colorado Film Production C.F.P. Srl. and Gavila, the company founded by Carrisi himself thanks to the support of Colorado Film Production. The Girl in the Fog, an international bestseller, narrates the events surrounding the disappearance of a sixteen year old girl named Anna Lou. Special Agent Vogel (Servillo) is investigating the case with his peculiar methods: Vogel does not solve cases gathering clues and evidences like a typical detective,  he focuses on media coverage to solve them, hoping the attention by the media will help smoke out the killer or at least help identify a possible culprit, no matter if guilty or not, according to his questionable philosophy, which rests on the fact that every community needs to put a face to evil.The Girl in the Fog is Carrisi’s sixth novel. A TV series based on his first novel, The Whisperer, will soon be produced by Gavila. This project was also presented at MIA | TV Drama Series Pitching Forum 2016.