The Franco Solinas Award invites professional screenwriters, or emerging screenwriters who have already acquired and developed excellent screenwriting skills, to use the creative opportunities given by digital technology to experiment with new forms of cinematic storytelling and structure innovative projects for the creation of feature films designed both for movie theater and multimedia platforms.


The Franco Solinas Award is an invitation to write for cinema in a careful, conscious and structured way, both in content and form, combining artistic depth with the ability to communicate with the audience.


The Competition is divided into several phases, characterized by, firstly, the submission of a Subject and, subsequently and on condition of being selected among the Finalist Authors, of a Setlist and, lastly, a Screenplay.

Materials to be submitted for the First Stage of the Contest consist of:

  • “pitch” or presentation: maximum length of 10 lines with 60 characters per line. The pitch should consist of a summary that encapsulates the spirit of the project, the main story line, the chosen approach, vision of the film and genre;
  • the Subject: works of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 pages, (folders of 1,800 characters max 30 lines with 60 characters per line) are eligible for the competition. The Subject must consist of a dramaturgically and visually engaging story able to introduce the characters, set the world they live in and depict their actions (an illustration in narrative form of the story as it will unfold and be seen in the film).


The Competition is offering the following prizes:

  • Franco Solinas Award Best Story 1,500 euros
  • Franco Solinas Award Best Screenplay 8,000 euros
  • Claudia Sbarigia Scholarship 1,000 euros, dedicated to rewarding talent in narrating female characters and the female universe.


These are the deadlines for submission:

  • submission of Projects via web by midnight on January 10, 2023
  • submission of the sealed envelope by midnight on January 11, 2023


To participate, please see the call for entries at


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