IDM Film Commission Südtirol has chosen to fund eleven new projects, including seven from Italy, three from Germany and one from Austria.

During the 24 days of filming planned on the South Tyrolean territory, which will involve industry professionals and local services, the “Green shooting” protocol, introduced by IDM to limit the environmental impact of film productions in South Tyrol, will be adopted for many of the productions.

Funded projects in the production phase include titles such as Cliffhanger 2 (working title), Woodwalkers 2 (working title), Detective von Fock (working title), Kampf Gegen Die ‘Ndrangheta (working title) and Headshots – Anja Niedringhaus, Fotografin (working title).

As for projects that will be funded in pre-production, however, there are Ötzi – The Iceman (working title), Step Across the Border (working title), Projecto Fogo (working title) and Basis – La Base (working title).

Finally, funded short films in production will be Aura (working title) by Stefania Accettulli, an Italian production partnered by Beagle Media, and Alfio (working title) by Marianna Pasina, produced by the South Tyrolean company Frabiatofilm.

Photo Credits: PxHere