In its “Online Focus Pubblicità”, a special edition of the Communications Markets dedicated to analyzing the evolution of the internet in the media sector, Communications Regulatory Authority (AGCOM) revealed the overtaking of online advertising, for the first time higher than on television.

In 2015, in the advertising sector, TV was worth 47% of revenues and internet 24%, in a few years there was a significant change: in fact, in 2019 the resources destined for online advertising reached 41% against 39% achieved by television.

According to AGCOM, this trend will also consolidate in 2020, with 42% for online adv and 39% for TV: in particular, on the web, 1% of subjects realize 68% of revenues, while the remaining portion is distributed among thousands of operators who achieve marginal revenues.

Another change concerns the distribution of advertising revenue by categories of operator: as highlighted in the AGCOM note, “the distribution of advertising revenue by operator category shows a steady growth in the weight of online platforms compared to traditional publishers and dealers. Regardless of the scenarios envisaged for 2020 following the epidemic crisis, the share of platforms is expected to continue to increase reaching 80% of the total in terms of gross revenues”.