How are the sectors of the audiovisual industry reacting to the on going Coronavirus emergency? All the details about online and rescheduled events.

On the one hand, the awareness of the situation pushes the audiovisual operators to reschedule their participation to markets and festivals, such as Las Vegas CinemaCon, on the other hand the organizing teams of major industry events promote “smart” solutions. This is the case of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, which streamed online the pitching forum of the Agora Doc Market, after the postponement of the Greek film festival; or the online platform Stage32, which invites the filmmakers admitted to the now cancelled Texan conference South by Southwest to unite with participating companies and professionals; or also the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, which is creating a new digital version of the event.

In general, the idea is to reschedule the most significant media events, in terms of time and space, with the purpose of outlining a new approach for the opportunities that inevitably emerge in the most pressing situations, such as Coronavirus emergency.

It’s important to recognize the meeting opportunities and new ways of engagement, which strengthen the distribution system and multiply the possibilities to face the crisis: webinars, Skype calls, online pitching and virtual markets, replacing to the most popular meetings, or even simply complementary to the traditional offer. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the “remote” meeting methods and “best cases” updates about their events, which turns into an opportunity for exchange and participation with multiple implications.

Most of all: multiplying the effects of normal vis-à-vis practices, with a comprehensive perspective on the new possibilities offered by the web.