According to the study “Convergence in Media and Telecom in the face of Covid-19: Europe in a Transatlantic and International Perspective“, Media and Telecommunications became increasingly convergent during the health crisis due to Covid-19.

The research was carried out for the Robert Schuman Foundation by Gérard Pogorel, professor emeritus at Télécom Paris Tech and Augusto Preta, founder, and CEO of ITMedia Consulting. The study analyses the convergence processes between media and telecommunications and the resilience of these two sectors in Europe, in the United States, and in Asia during the pandemic.

The media and telecommunications industry is providing the necessary tools to make home entertainment possible. During Covid-19, in fact, the online entertainment market, including TV and streaming platforms, continued to grow and changed the audiovisual industry. Alongside traditional TV channels, more and more subscription services have sprung up.

The year 2020 will be fundamental in transforming the global audiovisual industry. According to the two experts, turning points could be reached both in the transition from linear TV to streaming services and in the development of broadband networks.