Italian audience showed appreciation to Taodue’s fiction. Now two of the most famous – Antimafia Squad and Code Name Solo – are going to land abroad.

An announced success for Taodue, the fictions produced for Mediaset have always had great share. In fact, they have inspired the making of a spin-off. This is the case of Antimafia Squad from which the fiction Rosy Abate – la serie was created, a series on the most loved character of the story interpreted by Giulia Michelini. A new achievement for Taodue is incoming, two of the top series broadcasted on Mediaset land abroad.

In fact, Code Name Solo and Antimafia Squad were selected for some local adjustments abroad. Particularly, the adventures of Rosy Abate will be destined to arrive in Usa and Latin America, Antimafia Squad has been acquired by W Studios (division of Televisa and Univision). On the other hand, agent Pagani from Solo, interpreted by Marco Bocci, will fascinate turkish audience.