Amperes Analysis’ report finds growth in SVOD subscribers in the U.S. and in Europe too. The increase is lead by the young audiences and it is related to the growing of available content.

The study considers 2018 and the first three months of 2019 and it shows that subscribers, who signed up at least to one SVOD service, in the U.S are the 80% of internet users, while in the period 2016-1018 they were just over 70 %. U.S. results are only second to those of Saudi Arabia’s, with 86% of penetration.

Europe follows U.S results with some differences in the penetration areas: In the north and in U.K SVOD subscriptions have topped 70%, the only Netherlands doesn’t show any significant growth.

Spain and Italy find themselves with respectively 68% and 66%, and Germany is around 60%, with 59% of the audience affirming to have more than a single SVOD service.

France has the lowest percentage among European countries with only 49% of internet users subscribed to an SVOD service, so less than half of the sample

These results come as good news for those companies who are now entering the market, like Apple and Disney, showing there is still a possibility in revenue growth in the market. The new stakeholders are indeed due to launch this year Disney+ is expected in America by November 12, 2019, and worldwide in two years from then, while Apple TV+ will debut in fall.