According to Digital Tv Research, by 2025 the major SVoD platforms will reach about 700 million paying subscribers.

The research is based on the results published by sector operators in September and predicts in detail that in five years Disney+ will add 112 million subscribers, reaching 194 million; Netflix, on the other hand, will reach 274.1 million (+ 73 million), followed by Amazon Prime Video (167.1 million), HBO Max (25.5 million) and Apple TV + (13.4 million).

According to the research, in five years Netflix will remain at the top of the rankings, with 37bn dollars in revenues (+ 17bn compared to 2019), followed by Disney + at 13bn: Disney’s results are due to the performance of the service in the USA , where the streaming service has been “only” fourth in the ranking (preceded by Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu) for almost a year.

In the report The Next “Big 3” in Ott – the ranking of the 10 largest Ott services in the US – the market research and consulting firm Parks Associates reveals in fact the difficult possibility for streaming services to enter the Top3 of Ott services: “Partnerships are essential. For example, HBO Max will receive a great boost from its agreement with Amazon which will allow the service to be used on Fire TV devices”.