Susan Sarandon and Gideon Adlon will appear at Focus Features Drama with their feature film, Mustang (project of MIA|Cinema Co-Production Market 2015), written and directed by French actress, Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre. Production is due to start shortly and will take place in Nevada. The cast, along with the aforementioned actresses, will include Mattheus Schoenaerts, Jason Mitchelle and Bruce Dern. Schoenaerts will play Roman, a convict who is afforded the opportunity to participate in a rehabilitation and therapy program involving wild mustangs. He soon gets attached to a particularly difficult horse which will give him the chance to confront his toughest and most intimate demons. Sarandon will play the prison therapist and Adlon will play Roman’s daughter. Mona Fastvold and Brock Norman Brock co-wrote the screenplay with Clermont-Tonnerre. The film is produced byAlain Goldman and his company Legende, with Molly Hallam acting as executive producer.