The Lazio Cinema International call to support international film and audiovisual co-productions was published on September 15.

The public notice foresees a total budget of 5 million euro and is aimed to incentive audiovisual productions with the attraction of foreign investments and to give more visibility to Lazio’s tourist destinations.

The audiovisual works that can be facilitated can be films, fictions, animated works or documentaries; the contribution granted cannot exceed the amount of 640,000 Euros in absolute value. Of the 5 mln allocated, 2.5 are linked to the promotion of the region’s territory and its history.

Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Regione Lazio, emphasized that cinema is a fundamental sector for the territory, and that the Lazio Cinema International notice aims to consolidate the competitiveness of companies.

For more precise information on the conditions and methods for accessing the contributions, please refer to the Lazio Region’s Determination.