The expansion of streaming platforms continues: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Walter Presents enrich their offer with new titles, European and non-European and dedicated to all segments of the population.

Netflix has announced the arrival of original series and films from Nigeria, including the TV series Far From Home, created by Chinaza Onuzo and Dami Elebe and produced by Inkblot Productions, which focuses on the life of a young artist. Three films were confirmed together with the series.

Amazon Prime Video aim on childhood, acquiring Noggin, the pre-school learning service that provides access to Nick Jr.‘s programming, with titles such as Dora the Explorer and Paw Patrol.

Walter Presents continues to invest on the Polish market: after The Border and The Teacher, it signed an agreement with TVN Discovery for the distribution of 3 TV series: “The Disappearence”, “The Sins of the Fathers” and “Angel of Death”.