It’s the Golden age of VoD services. The creation of new services tailored to the tastes of the user is becoming more and more popular. And if until a few years ago the streaming phenomenon in Italy was advanced through piracy and as an additional service of pay TV, now broadcasters compete to offer their service on demand.

The battle between Ott and televisions has already begun in America, especially following the success of Netflix. The two new players that appear on the market and that could threaten the primacy of the company led by Tim Cook are mainly Apple and Disney. This multiplication of the offer on the market will soon arrive in Europe, where already begin to increase the broadcasters who implement the streaming service. In Italy just think of RaiPlay and Sky’s Now TV. And if Netflix increases prices and in Italy eliminates the free month for new users, the other new players offer convenient prices. Meanwhile, in America the streaming market seems rather saturated, so as to confirm the hypothesis that this battle can move to new territories, especially Europe. This would also be confirmed by the investments in production centers in Europe of Netflix and Viacom.